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BE2 Реактор с хроматографическим режимом

Ordering Specification
• A benchtop unit comprising a vacuum formed ABS plastic plinth with integral electrical console.
• Two borosilicate glass chromatography columns (250mm long and 10mm internal diameter) fitted with septum injectors and fed by a 3-channel peristaltic pump.
• Syringe and needles for sample injection.
• Fraction collector.
• Analysis using a UV optical flow cell.
• Protection devices for all electrical circuits.
• Two displays: Optical absorbance, Timer display for fraction collector.
• Sensor signals are routed to the USB port for connection to a PC.
• Comprehensive instruction manual with detailed procedures and laboratory teaching exercises.

Complementary Equipment

  • BE1 Batch Enzyme Reactor
  • CEU Catalytic Reactors
  • UOP12 Filtration Unit
  • W8 Anaerobic Digester
  • W11 Aerobic Digester

Electrical Supply:

  • BE2-A 220/240/1ph/50Hz at 10A
  • BE2-B 120V/1ph/60Hz at 15A
  • BE2-G 220V/1ph/60Hz at 10A

Shipping Specification

  • Volume: 0.44m³
  • Gross weight: 36kg

Overall Dimensions

  • Height: 0.70m
  • Width: 1.10m
  • Depth: 0.50m